Balloon Arches

Balloon arches have been used for celebrations and events since 1979! They've come a long way since then and the options are endless!

Trust in Us!

Our arches are professionally installed and broken down at the end of the event.

Air-filled decor can last for a week+ indoor.

(Left: 10'x10' classic 4 color spiral arch)

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Balloon arches come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and styles and are fully customizable. They are great for indoor and outdoor functions.

Ideal for entryway, stage, doorway, walkway, dance floor, or anywhere you want to draw attention!

(Right: custom balloon arch, 10'x10' with vinyl personalization and foil accents)


Choose your colors, theme, style, and pattern - or create something completely custom, it's up to you!

Add foil accents, flowers, greenery, words or numbers, signs, and more!

(Left: 10'x10' organic arch)

Color Chart + Popular Themes
  • Classic Arch - starting at $250

    Includes up to 4 colors. Available in many patterns including spiral, stacked, mixed, and more. Sizes available 6'x6', 8'x8', 10'x10', 14'x14' or custom.

  • Organic Arch - starting at $275

    Balloons are inflated to various sizes to create the "free form" look. Color blocking (shown) or mixed colors. Sizes avaialble 6'x6', 8'x8', 10'x10', 14'x14' or custom.

Balloon Arch Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size arch I need?

Arches are measured from base to base and sold by foot. Our most popular size is the 10'x10' which will accommodate double doors and several people walking through at the same time.

How long do the balloons last?

West Michigan Balloons uses decorator-quality balloons and other high-quality materials to ensure beautiful colors and longevity of our décor.

Indoor Air-filled

Latex and foil air-filled displays should be expected to look nice and fresh for about a week. You'll notice they generally last much longer.

Indoor Helium Latex balloons treated with hi-float, 1-3 days.

Foil balloons generally float for days, if not weeks.

Outdoor Air-filled and Helium
Balloons are unpredictable outdoors and we are unable to offer any guarantee of longevity as exposure to elements such as heat\/cold, wind, etc. affects how the balloons will react.

*We are not responsible for popped or damaged balloons after delivery or pick up.

What do I do with the balloons once my event is over?

For décor items that require a stand (such as arches, hoops, frames, walls, etc.) West Michigan Balloons will return at a previously scheduled time to remove the stand, pop, and properly dispose of the balloons.

There is no additional cost for this service.

Balloon Arch Uses

Balloon arches are great for awareness walks/races, parades, festivals, large spaces, crowds, family gatherings, grand openings, anniversaries, and retirement parties.