What balloons should I choose for my event?

With so many amazing options it can be hard to choose the best options for your space. We can help!

Below are some common design FAQs, colors, themes, and more, to help brainstorm for your event. Use our website, google, or Pinterest to look for inspiration pics and themes.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing balloons for your party or event. A few things that will help you choose your balloon décor will be to know the following:

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Will the balloons be indoor or outdoor?

This is one of the biggest factors in choosing décor. Some items are good for indoor use only. Wind, rain, heat, etc., all play a role in the success of outdoor décor.

Each item in our store will show if that item is good for indoor, outdoor, or both.

Our most popular outdoor décor would be arches, columns, party poles, and garlands.

How long do you need the balloons?

How long you need the balloons plays a factor in what to order.

Helium balloons are treated with hi-float and should last a couple of days.

Air-filled décor will generally last and look nice and fresh for a week or two.

Venue / Event Space

If your party is being held at an event space, there are generally a set of rules set forth by the venue.

Some things to consider are set up time allotment, helium balloon policy, outside vendor policy, and if items are able to be hung/rigged using 3M hooks or other temporary methods.

This information will determine what decor will be best for your space. Each product will have the setup time and specifications listed to help you decide what is best.

What do you want to accomplish with the balloons?

Think about what you're wanting the balloons for. A pop of color? Decoration? A specific purpose?

Do you want to mark an entrance?
Classic arches are great for this!

Do you want to draw your guests' attention to somewhere specific? (Food table, etc.)
Helium balloon bouquets are perfect for this and can be made at table or floor height.

Do you want a photo op? Are you trying to gather guests for photos?
A wall or photo frame works great for this and they are fully customizable.

Do you want a statement piece?
A big demi arch or garland attached to a backdrop makes a beautiful statement piece for any event.

I'm a visual person, I really need to see it!

We totally understand this. Provide a picture of your space and we are more than happy to provide a mock-up of your requested product in your space.

Will my balloons look exactly like the picture?

Whether you provide an inspiration pic or choose from one of ours, each piece of balloon decor is unique and different. The placement of balloons, the shade of each color, the shape of a garland, etc., may be slightly different than the photo. We always strive to get as close as possible to the inspiration, but we use our creative judgment and expertise to put the balloons together to make it look the best possible.

Do you provide backdrops or other non-balloon items?

No, sorry! We specialize in balloons and balloons only! We feel it is in the best interest of our business to focus solely on balloons to give you the best experience possible.

We do however have wonderful vendors that we love to refer. If you're looking for backdrops, marquee lighting, event planning services, and more, send us an email and we will send you our preferred vendor list.

What is an organic garland, arch, etc.?

Organic when it comes to balloon decor, simply refers to how the balloons are arranged. Organic decor has randomly sized balloons that are put together to create the piece.

Classic decor refers to balloons that are the same sized, generally, following a very specific pattern.

Choosing classic or organic decor really depends on personal taste and style and the theme of your event.

I still can't decide! Can you help?

YES! We are more than happy to help you come up with the perfect balloon decor for your space and specific event.

Please fill out our custom request form to get started.

We can provide mock-ups, photo inspiration, and more.