About West Michigan Balloons

Established in 2018 (as Lakeshore Balloons), West Michigan Balloons quickly became a sought-after balloon decorator in the area. Specializing in large-scale and personal events, we create beautiful balloon arches, columns, garlands, backdrops & more. Delivering to Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, and beyond, we helped bring big-city balloon trends to the area and continue to watch the industry grow daily.

How it All Started

Hi, my name is Lisa! I'm the owner and founder of West Michigan Balloons! Born and raised in Grand Rapids, my husband and I spent the last 20 years growing our family and enjoying the Southwest living in both New Mexico and Texas. As our kids got older, we felt the urge to be closer to "home". I sold my balloon business in Texas and started over fresh. West Michigan (originally Lakeshore!) Balloons was born!

I have a background and education in design, web design, and business. More importantly, I have a creative and artistic mind with an eye for design. I'm highly sensitive to our client's needs and customer satisfaction is my number one priority.

How We Do Things

Due to the seasonal nature and unpredictable hours of our industry, we don't keep any full-time employees. We operate as a remote business designed to keep costs down and enjoy the benefits of both working from home + being on the road. Lisa is the lead decorator and designer and is often supported by her husband Shawn, and teenage son Lucas; as well as a handful of trusted friends who help with large installations and delivery orders.